Your hearing health is important to us! Whether you are a musician, singer, DJ, sound engineer, sound engineer or simple music lover, we have the expertise and knowledge to help you protect it.

Your hearing is your most valuable asset and deserves the services of an audiologist!

The Musicians’ Clinic has been open for several years and continues to diversify by offering prevention, education, evaluation and expertise services to music and music lovers. We believe it is our duty, as an audiologist, to educate musicians about their hearing health. We regularly present in various schools and universities on hearing, on the risks associated with exposure to loud music and on the attitudes and solutions to adopt to prevent a hearing impairment.

At Audiologie Center-West, we are the distributor of products from different companies to try to meet the needs of all!


In Quebec, we are the exclusive distributor of Sensaphonics products whose company is based in Chicago. Ms. Sylvie Auger, audiologist and owner of the clinic is also part of the Gold Circle Audiologist. Ms. Alexa Gagnon, audiologist, is also now a member of the Golden Circle, since 2023. Sensaphonics was founded in 1985 by audiologist Michael Santucci. This company has developed custom-designed in-ear monitors designed to be safe for hearing health while not neglecting the sound quality achieved by their different products. Having the well-being of the hearing health of his musicians at heart, this is how the company stands out in the musical world.

Jerry Harvey Audio

Exclusive distributor for JH Audio whose company is based in Orlando, Florida. This company has over 25 years experience in live audio mixing including over 15 years in designing and producing in-ear monitors making it a world renowned company.

Ultimate Ears

Exclusive distributor for UE whose company is based in Irvine, California, and was founded in 1995. Since then, it was many innovations and a relentless craftsmanship that explains the reputation of Ultimate Ears. That is why many great artists have made this company their number one choice.


We also offer ear impression service so that you can
send them to the company of your choice!

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