Why evaluate your hearing at the musicians clinic?

  • In order to have a reference evaluation! Then, in case of doubts or an incident, we will be able to see if there is a change of hearing.
  • To evaluation your needs for hearing protection.
  • To monitor changes in hearing acuity over time.
  • Better understand the auditory system.
  • Prevent, evaluation, ”treat” tinnitus and/or hyperacusis.
  • Prevent temporary or permanent hearing loss.

Did you know?

At least 60% of musicians, regardless of style, report tinnitus, temporary or permanent.

We offer a hearing assessment adapted to musicians including:

  • a regular audiogram (250 to 8000 Hz)
  • an audiogram in very high frequencies (from 9000 to 20 000 Hz)
  • otoacoustic emissions (verifies the integrity of outer hair cells)

The results are then explained and discussed confidentially.

Did you know?

It is usually at very high frequencies that a hearing impairment associated with exposure to loud music will first manifest itself as early as adolescence.

The exams are completed by audiologists, trained and sensitized to the reality of music professionals. Ms. Auger, audiologist, is a member of Sensaphonics’ Gold Circle. Gold Circle members have all received specific training on the hearing health of musicians offered by Sensaphonics. This training focuses particularly on the prevention of hearing loss in the world of tours where amplified music reaches very high levels.